10 Things You will Love About Windows 10

Windows 10 Launches Today!!

Yes, today is the big day that all those Microsoft lovers have been waiting for! Today, July 29th 2015 is the day when Microsoft released its best to-date Windows version - Windows 10! All you tech freaks out there who were eager to get your hands on this piece of beauty, today is the day you get lucky. No doubt Windows 8 was fab, 8.1 was better but Windows 10 brings out the ultimate mastery of Microsoft. Let's take a peek into this new operating system and find out what extra we get out of it.

1. Improved Boot Time

                   I was tired of arguing with my friend KT the other day that Windows 10 can never be faster than Windows 8.1, but he definitely proved me wrong. If Windows 8.1 takes 15 seconds to boot, Windows 10 took us just about 6 seconds! You read that right folks! No more waiting, no more beeps. It boots up in less than half the time 8.1 took to come up. That's 0.1 minute!

2. Brand New Start Screen:

                  If you look at it closely, it would seem like a polished start-menu of the good old Windows XP but I'd say it looks much much better and cooler! When Windows 8 launched, there were users who missed and complained about the start-menu missing. This proves to be a good news to all of those guys. The new start-menu is more sexier and has got much more features than you can think of.

3. Cortana:

                   News about Cortana was spreading like wild fire when it was initially introduced in Windows 8.1. Microsoft Cortana was introduced in Windows 8.1 as a beta and competes with Google's NOW and Apple's Siri. It's basically an intelligent personal assistant that makes your daily tasks easier. It takes your words as an input and reacts to it accordingly. To keep my words simple, it would make you feel like Iron man talking to Jarvis. Yes, it is a voice reactive assistant that responds and performs any command you give it. This is an advancement that Microsoft has been planning to bring out since quite a while. Microsoft terms this as a major feature for the upcoming operating systems and nobody dares question that fact. No, it doesn't make you coffee, you will need to get your arse to the kitchen to get that!

4. Edge:

                   Say goodbye to Internet Explorer and hello to the future of Internet browsing! Microsoft Edge is the new operating system in town that has a sleak and smooth look and it comes along with your Windows 10 package. With bigshots in the browser market like Google and Mozilla topping the charts leaving IE falling behind, Microsoft launches the new Edge to compete with them. Although Edge still requires a lot of work like extensions and add-ons to be added, but hey, every big thing starts with a beginning right? For all those who're worrying, IE is still available on Win 10 to avoid any compatibility issues.

5. Ultra user-friendly - Continuum Mode:

                   Microsoft Windows 10 introduces with it a mode that let's you communicate with the system with a better compatibility now. Continuum mode lets you switch between a mouse and keyboard and a touchpad. You have the Tablet mode where you can use your fingers to do the functions and there is the normal mode where you get to operate it using your mouse and keyboard. Helps a lot to users who have a hybrid laptop or a tab. For the others, it's not that big a deal.

6. Action Center

                    Action Center has always been there on your desktop but with the name of notifications. Action Center is nothing but a place which pops up when you have any important alerts that need immediate attention. Your updates, security related alerts and other popups go into this place. Pretty useful stuff.

7. Yay! Free Upgrade for Win 7 and 8.1 Users:

                    Yes my friend, you've read that right! Genuine Windows 7 and 8.1 users get a FREE upgrade to Windows 10. Who doesn't love a freebie? Windows 10 is probably going to become the most widely used operating system of all time with this update.

8. Security!!!

                     Security is one very important thing that worries us. Questions do arise like "This is a new OS, what if there are loopholes for hackers to get in?" or "Is my client data safe with this new OS?". Microsoft however looked through all these questions long ago and has its best security policies set up for Windows 10! These include all the features from deeper firewall rules to better permissions and sharing control. We're talking about the most secure Windows operating system here! There have been several security issues with XP which got corrected at Vista, then got better at 7, then at 8 and now Windows 10 covers your data in every possible way to keep it safe and secure. We can't really rely on that though. Bugs are always there and attackers do their attempts. Making sure your operating system is update to date can really help in these scenarios.

9. Compatibility:

                    When new operating systems start coming up, compatibility with older hardware becomes a tough challenge to tackle with. But that isn't a concern with Microsoft Windows 10. Below are the minimum requirements for getting your hands on this piece of art:

  • Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster.
  • RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)
  • Free hard disk space: 16 GB.
  • Graphics card: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver.
  • A Microsoft account and Internet access.

10. A Brand New Look and Wait, there's more to come!

                  Microsoft has been putting in a lot of efforts in making our daily tasks easier and faster. With the brand new look, better compatibility, higher security and more, Microsoft Windows 10 gives you all that you're looking for and even better. But folks, this is not where we stop. The journey has just begun and Microsoft Windows 10 has just taken off. So, let's wait patiently because there's definitely more to add to this. I'm wondering if there would be a Windows 10.1 after this. And why wasn't there ever a Windows 9? Well, what's in a name, right? 
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