Creation of Backdoor trojans

Backdoor Trojan horse:

As discussed earlier, Trojans are malicious threats that are made by advanced programmers in order to obtain unauthorized access to the target's system. With the help of trojans, one can access most/all of the programs that are viewed and accessed by the administrator of the target's computer. So now you would have had a clear idea as in why these trojans are created. Its time to see how these trojans are created.

Languages used to create a backdoor trojan:

When you want to create any program, you'll need to know basic languages such as C and C++. The same phenomenon was followed when the trojans were being created. The programmers first experimented their thoughts using simple languages such as C and C++ and then later on, moved over to the tougher languages. Here are a few languages that are mostly used  in the creation of these malicious programs
  • Command Prompt
  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • Python
  • Visual Basic

These languages provide a great background for the programmers in order to create or a trojan horse. Being a few of the easiest programming languages, they help a lot in the creation of the backdoor viruses. But when you want to increase the efficiency of your trojan so that it escapes the scanning of an antivirus, you'll need a set of advanced software programs that help your viruses gain extra potential. Hex editor, Pinch tools are a few that can be named but they are way too tough to understand and follow. When the creation of the trojan is done, the programmer sends it to the target computer using several ways. this can be via email (very commonly used), USB flash drives or even using networks such as telnet. It must be noted that the trojan is activated only when the person sitting on the target system runs it. When this is done, the trojan opens the portal for the programmer to access the target's system. Once it is successful, the programmer can access and modify the files and folders of the target system.

However, these dangerous mallware can be prevented by using a good firewall program such as McAfee, Kaspersky, Bit Defender, etc.. Unknown files should not be downloaded and run in the system. This must be remembered all the while in order to save your computer from getting affected.

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