How Secure is Google Chrome?

Google Chrome and Its Security

Chrome! Launched on September 2nd 2008 by Internet god Google, is today one of the most used browsers in the world of Internet. Supported by all operating systems, this browser picked up its pace in the competition with the others and popped up in the first place mainly because of its look, speed, security and simplicity. Talking about speed, Google Chrome hits the top list by giving an excellent performance while running online applications and processing Javascripts faster than any others that were present that time. 

                                      Now let's move on to the security part. So how secure is Google Chrome? People have this misconception that if the product is an open-source, it usually consists of several bugs thus giving way to several loopholes for attackers. That's not the case here. Google has introduced some amazing features to provide enhanced security to its users such that they have a safe and secure browsing. Here are some of them:

Google Chrome Blacklist Updates:

The browser keeps checking for updates on all the Malware and Phishing sites every now and then. This way, if you visit such a site while you're browsing, Chrome displays a warning message stating that the site is potentially harmful. (You might have already come across such a site if you have been using Chrome for a long time).

HTTPS and SSL Certificates:

If you are not new to Internet browsing, you might have come across HTTPS and SSL certificates. What are these? HTTPS is just the secure version of the http that you see before your www in the address bar. It is a sign to assure you that the site is secure and the data that is exchanged between you and the website is completely safe. SSL certificates almost mean the same. But what's that got to do with Chrome? I was just getting there. These are features that you need to enable in the settings menu to ensure you are making your money transactions in the right website. 

Cookies and Site Information:

While you're browsing, you are exchanging information with the website and the website saves some of its files in your system. These files are called Cookies. Cookies can be anything from an advertisement on the website or a video or even a virus! Yes, these files can be unsafe for your computer if you are on the wrong website. Google Chrome accepts all cookies by default. But it also gives you the feature to block them. First-party cookies are just small bits of information from the URL of the website. Third-party cookies are the ones that you need to be careful about and Google Chrome keeps you safe by giving you the option of blocking all third party cookies from the websites you browse from. You can always go back to the settings from the simple interface and un-check them whenever you want to. Not only that, Chrome also offers you the feature of blocking cookies from selected websites. This is a really cool option if you know where you're going. 

Independent Processes:

Now coming to my favourite security feature. Did you know if you open 10 different tabs in your Chrome browser, all 10 of them run under 10 different independent processes? Let me explicate that. When you browse a tab on your Google Chrome browser, Chrome creates a separate process for the tab such that the other tabs are not affected if something goes wrong on the first one. So if you open a Malware site on a tab, Chrome looks at the tab separately, thus not affecting the banking transaction that you are performing on the other tab. This way, any Malware website opened on one tab would not be able to peek into the other one to gather the data.  

Incognito Window:

If you are familiar with Chrome, you definitely know this feature. This is the same as Private Browsing in Mozilla Firefox and Safari. Now whatever you browse in an Incognito window does not leave trace in your History. Let me repeat that for you. Whatever you browse in an Incognito window does not leave any trace in your History. That's just it! It does not change anything else guys. So if you think Incognito is safe, think again. It's just a feature to keep your history clean. 

                                        When you look at it, these seem to be very few security features offered by a web browser like Chrome. But trust me, these are all you need to browse safely. Until you keep updating your browser and browse carefully, no Malware is going to attack your computer. So be safe and browse safe!
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