Top 5 best web browsers of 2011

A web browser is a software or an application that is generally used to connect to the World Wide Web. It is used to retrieve, present and traverse information from the Internet. There was once a time when people had to use only a single browser to visit the Internet but not today. Today, we have about 50 browsers to choose from according to the features each one provides. Choosing one browser from so many makes it really difficult for any person. Even if one browser offers a good amount of plug-ins, the other offers better security and another one offers anti-virus support. This makes it really difficult for us to choose which browser is safer and secure for browsing on the Internet. Internet is a very vast world may be larger than our earth and we might come across many sites which might just not be safe for us to visit. Sometimes we get what we want but the site that has this content is not trusted. If the browser you're using is a very secure one, it would immediately tell you not to visit it since there is a threat of a virus affecting your computer from it. These sites may or may not have this malicious content but the browser makes sure the certificates are verified for this site and only then, it allows you to enter a site. A browser must make sure your computer remains safe along with providing additional features such as plug-ins, speed, compatibility, etc. In this topic, the most secure browsers are being described with their key features.

  1. Mozilla Firefox:

    Mozilla has always provided with the best features and this is the main reason it remained in the first place since years. It is considered as the most secure browser among all the browsers that had ever been launched. The major features offered by Firefox in the field of security are shown below:

    • Instant Website ID
    • Anti-Phishing and Anti-Malware
    • Secure Software Installation
    • Anti-Virus Integration
    • Private Browsing
    • Parental Controls

    Not just that, the browser is also super-fast and highly reliable. Its new update firefox 3.6 can be downloaded here.
  2. Google Chrome:

    Doesn't need an introduction. Everyone know it as the fastest browser today and it doesn't compromise even in security matters. Very special security features provided in this browser helps prevent phishing attacks to the maximum. Whenever the user visits an untrusted site, a page is displayed showing that the site may harm your computer. This feature is present in several other browsers but what makes it special is mainly its speed and Google's instant focusing on the users needs. A new update and a Beta is launched occasionally thus upgrading its features and providing the best to its users. Here are the key security features in the latest version of Google Chrome.

    • Safe Browsing
    • Sandboxing
    • Auto-updates

    These are not the only features of this browser-just the latest updates. More about the browser's features are displayed on the site. You must be wondering what Sandboxing is. It is an additional security feature added to the browser to protect the computer from malicious web pages which try to download programs without the user's knowledge. Such pages can harm the computer by monitoring your web activities or stealing your cookies. Chrome offers this feature to protect its users from any kind of vulnerabilities. A new version of Google Chrome is launched and can be found here.
  3. Opera:

    Opera has always been famous for its fantastic looks and design since the time it came. It is a user-friendly browser which means that anyone can operate an Opera browser. it offers excellent visual effects which help the user to understand the browser in a better manner. However, the speed of Opera was not seen to be anywhere close to Chrome or Firefox. Due to this, the browser had to take the third place in our list. An additional feature Opera turbo is provided in order to overcome this problem. Keeping the topic of speed aside, the browser performs excellently and supports all the latest technologies such as the HTML5 and Geolocations. The security of the browser is equally good to Firefox and Chrome since it provides almost the same features as they do. A few extra graphical additions regarding security issues are made to the browser to help the user actually understand when he's visiting a malicious site. Some of these features are shown below:

    • See your security on websites
    • Website cookies control
    • Private browsing
    • Real time site verification

    The features offered by this browser are too many to list out. Check out their homepage regarding their latest updates. Click here if you want to download this super cool browser now.
  4. Internet Explorer:

    Internet Explorer has been the most used browsers in several countries. It comes inbuilt with every Windows operating system you buy. Due to this, not much attention is paid to the browser. However, the browser has very good features indeed. Microsoft has always done its best in producing the best products ever. When the topic of security arises, the Internet Explorer lags a bit from the others. The new tabbing system launched last year changed almost everything in the browser. Its design had also been changed to make it look more attractive. The browser is a perfect one when the feature set is viewed altogether. There were a few problems with the older versions of the browser but I bet they had fixed it b now. 'Coz this time, Internet Explorer comes with a new sexy look with excellent security features when compared to the older versions. Here are its key security features:

    • Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Filter
    • Click-jacking prevention
    • Data Execution Prevention
    • Automatic crash recovery

    These features allow the browser to take the fourth place of our list. Better features are expected to come in the next update of this browser 'coz Microsoft never lets its users down.
  5. Safari:

    Launched by Apple, the browser has unique features when it comes to its looks. It has always been the best competitor to Opera and Mozilla Firefox. However, the newer versions of this browser were lagging behind when it came to security. If you would've used Safari before, you'd know that it is the fastest browser around. Not only that, it is a very simple browser to understand and use. The browser is in the fifth position of our list but that doesn't make it an insecure browser. It belongs to Apple and Apple means security. They have been giving out the most secure products ever in the IT industry. Several additional features are added to Safari's new release. Here they are

    • XSS Auditor
    • Cookie Blocking
    • Phishing Protection
    • Secure Encryption
    • Private Browsing Icon
    • Pop-Up Blocking
    • EV Certificates

    There are lots more features added into the new version of this browser. You can have a look on its new design and features here. Get its latest version here

These are the fastest and the most secure web browsers as of now. However, installing a safe browser can only protect you from downloading malicious files unknowingly. A virus, when executed may create a large amount of damage to the system. Hence, keeping a reliable anti-virus is always recommended which can work along with your browser to provide better security. Here are the best anti-viruses which provide the integration feature with the browsers.

Eset Smart Security V.4.0 Eset Smart Security V.4.0

BitDefender Total Security 2011 - 3 PC/2 years [Download] BitDefender Total Security 2011 - 3 PC/2 years [Download]

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011 1-User Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011 1-User
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