Protect your computer from getting hacked - Use a Firewall


A Firewall is an application that would protect your computer in every possible way to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information through a network. These programs were initially used in larger companies to secure data. But these days, due to the high increase of people's involvement in hacking, Firewalls have become a primary requirement even in home PCs. Here are the essential features your Firewall must have:

1. Packet Filtering: 
Everyone knows that the transfer of data in a network takes place in the form of packets. When a Firewall is installed in your computer, it examines the incoming packets before allowing them to reach you. If these packets are flagged as insecure, they're filtered and blocked from reaching you. This process is called Packet Filtering.

2. Secure your personal data:
Any network would have at least 10 users or even more. So when these users are connected on a network, they can easily obtain access to one another's computer. This would make your computer unsafe if you want to store personal information in it. When you have a Firewall program installed, it would prevent the access of these users, thus providing maximum security to your data.

3. Faster Execution:
It applies security mechanisms to applications related to FTP and Telnet servers. This way, it provides you with protection against any threats in the network. The process may slow your system a bit so a Firewall should be chosen such that the time taken to do this is least.

4. Wi-Fi security:
With the increase in the boom of Wifi networks these days, it has become very simple for hackers to access the computers connected on it. This feature is a MUST if you're operating your computer on a WiFi. Can be ignored otherwise.

5. Interception:
A Firewall must intercept the messages transferring from your computer to the host and vice versa.

6. Proxy Feature:
It hides your actual network addresses, thus providing proxy effect to your computer. During the transfer of packets in a network, addresses of the computers can easily be determined. Hackers use these addresses to obtain access into your computer. When your address is shown as a different one, it becomes difficult for anybody to get access to your system.

7. Preventing Backdoor Access:Backdoors are malicious codes that open up ports to connect to remote servers from where programs are downloaded to the computer without the user's knowledge. A Firewall would prevent this type of access.

8. Email Protection:Email spam has become common today. Most of these emails contain a link that would direct you to a malicious site. This is a major reason for getting Trojans on your computer. Installing a Firewall would stop you from accessing any of these sites.

9. Lesser Memory Consumption:
Running a program like a Firewall should take up a lot of your RAM since there are a lot of issues to be handled. A Firewall should be efficient enough to provide security and consume lesser memory at the same time.  
10. Protection for Instant Message Clients:
We all love connecting with friends and chatting with them on the Internet. We also know that viruses can spread through instant messaging clients like Yahoo, MSN, GTalk, etc. These viruses spread mainly by spreading links to contacts. A Firewall would protect your computer by filtering the links exchanged on these clients.
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