15886941.exe (virus/Trojan) Removal

Symantec: Trojan.Ransomlock.F

If you've been seeing a weird process with many numbers as its name, running in your Task Manager, that means you've been infected by a virus. If you think that was weird, wait until you know what else the virus can actually do. It uses cracks and keygens as its main method of propagation. Once the user runs this file, a process is executed that adds a key to the Registry. This key helps it to launch at every startup of your computer. At the next boot, the virus prevents most of the programs from running thus causing inconvenience to the user. Not only that, it also disables mouse and keyboard. When the user tries to restart the system once again, he'll find an image in which words are written in a weird language. Though it seems difficult, the virus can actually be removed from the Computer without a format. Here are the instructions to remove it.

Manual instructions to remove 15886941.exe :

  1. Restart the system in the Safe Mode. The virus can't launch its process when the system boots in the Safe Mode. If you're finding it difficult to boot in the Safe Mode, click here.
  2. The virus just adds one new Registry key that has to be deleted. Go to
    delete the key on the right side consisting of the number. It would look like this

    "15886941" = "%UserProfile%\15886941\15886941.exe"
  3. Now that you're done removing it from the Registry, its time to delete it permanently from the computer. To do this, type %UserProfile% in the Run box. When the window opens, search for the folder consisting of several numbers as the name. Delete the complete folder. In some cases, it might display an error telling you that the process is currently in use. If this happens, reboot your computer and try it again. It is sure to work after the reboot.
  4. Sit back and relax. The virus is completely deleted from your computer.

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