sdra64.exe Removal


First seen on June 2009, this Trojan has been creating mess all around the Internet since then. Though the damage caused by this Malware-Trojan is less, it still is a Mallware-Trojan and needs to be deleted from the computer. It mostly spreads with the help of E-mails and is found to consist of the .chm icon which belongs to Microsoft Compiled HTML Help File. However, this virus registers a set of DLLs and copies itself to the %System32% folder which can be found in the C:\WINDOWS\ folder. Like all the filthy Mallware, this one also creates a registry entry. It is also capable of injecting into the other processes that are run by the user at startup and disables the Windows Security. It cannot be much dangerous until it downloads malicious content from the Internet using the Internet Explorer. Here are the removal instructions for this Trojan

Manual instructions to remove sdra64.exe:

  1. We can't justify on how much the Trojan has affected your computer. So just to be sure, start your computer in the safe mode.
  2. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and select the processes tab. Look for the process with the name sdra64.exe. If you find it, make sure you end it immediately.
  3. Now go to Start --> Run and type regedit. Press Ctrl+F from your keyboard and type sdra64.exe in the box given. Delete all the entries consisting "sdra64.exe" as the main name. If you find any other entries that consists of this name with its address, just remove that address and save it.
  4. Now restart again in the safe mode and delete the following file using CMD. Start --> Run --> CMD and navigate to the folder. To remove the attributes, type attrib -r -a -s -h sdra64.exe and then type del sdra64.exe.


  5. Delete the following files in the same way (don't forget to remove the attributes) 


  6. Now just reboot your system. Your system is free from sdra64.exe.

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