041.exe Removal

Dialer KW:

Yes, thats the name of the Malware that is driving the Internet crazy with its strange behaviour. The Malware was first detected in July 2009 and was seen dialing the modem automatically. This virus is capable of resisting the security systems and creates several files with random numbers as names. Of what has been observed till today, the Malware creates several files in .dat and .exe format only. However, these files are created in the %WINDOWS% directory which is very much targeted by all types of viruses. The specialty of this virus is that, like any Trojan downloader, it can download several Malware to your computer and is also notorious in stealing the personal information of the users. It creates processes with numbers ranging from 2 to 10 integers and these processes ping to several ip addresses and make the system vulnerable to attacks. Enough with the story. Now here are the removal instructions for this Malware.

Removal instructions for Dialer KWKB or 041.exe:

  1. As mentioned earlier, this Malware also targets the %WINDOWS% folder. Most probably, it is present in the System32 folder and the System folder.

  2. Open the Task Manager and go to the Processes tab. Kill all the processes with the names as random numbers.

  3. Now look for the files 041.exe and update2p.exe in the WINDOWS folder and delete them from the folder. If you are too lazy to do that, just a quick search using the Windows search will do.

  4. You have deleted the virus. But just to be sure of it, look up for any file that contains random numbers as its name probably consisting of a .exe or .dat extension and delete them. 

  5. Now sit back and relax. Your system is free from Dialer KW.

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