fhexj6825097.exe Removal


This virus was first identified around 2004. It was recognized as a trojan worm that attaches itself to the e-mail messages being sent using the Windows devices such as the Outlook. It attaches itself to the e-mail messages in a ZIP file or creates a .pif format file and uploads itself. It is capable of recording the keystrokes and even taking screenshots. It is a very dangerous virus that has a very high risk level. It also displays weird security popups and launches the Internet Explorer with some bogus address. The worm creates a file with the name "fhexj6825097.exe" in the WINDOWS folder of the main directory and launches a process with the name same. It also registers a DLL file called "mjkdpl.dll". It enters a key in the registry such that the program is started on every bootup. Many more problems like crashing of messengers, firefox and Internet Explorer are caused due to this trojan worm. Here is a simple method to remove fhexj6825097.exe a.k.a Win32.Netsky.Q

Win32.Netsky.Q Removal Instructions:

  1. Open the Task Manager and delete the process with the name fhexj6825097.exe.
  2. Now delete the file C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Google\fhexj6825097.exe
  3. Unregister the DLL C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Google\mjkdpl.dll ( click here to know how to unregister a DLL
  4. Search the registry for fhexj6825097.exe and delete all the files associated with it.
  5. Reboot your system.
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