Virus in yahoo messenger (Removal)

W32 Sohanad.B:

This virus was identified somewhere around the beginning of 2009 and created a mess all around the world spreading several links and changing the status messages of the infected system's yahoo messenger automatically when the person logs in. When a person clicks on this link, it downloads itself into the victim's computer and creates a file named svhost32.exe and svhost.exe in the WINDOWS folder. Once the virus infects a system, it does not damage it much like a spyware but may increase by updating itself every often and has the capability of changing your Internet Explorer homepage . After the virus gets activated, it does not allow the person to change or remove its link from the display name.

Removal Instructions:

  1. Firstly, go to Start --> Run and type regedit. Search the registry with the names svhost.exe and svhost32.exe and delete all the registry items containing the name of these two.
  2. Now go to your task manager and select the processes tab. End the tasks svhost.exe and svhost32.exe.
  3. Now immediately, open your explorer and search for the files "svhost.exe, svhost32.exe using the search option.
  4. Delete the files with this name. Now restart your computer and you are free from this worm. You can now use your yahoo messenger with peace.

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