Enabling / Disabling System Restore

When a virus affects your system, it disables the System Restore option so that the User cannot revert back to the prior settings. If this is enabled, the User would restore the system to its previous settings if he gets the suspicion of a virus in the PC. However, the System Restore option can also be enabled very easily using gpedit.msc again.

  • Go to Start --> Run and type gpedit.msc
  • In the window, navigate to the Computer Configuration --> Administrative Templates --> System --> System Restore
  • Disable the settings in Turn off System Restore and Turn off configuration. Don't close the Group Policy editor. Keep it minimized.
  • Now right-click on My Computer and select Manage. Elaborate the Services and Applications option and select the System Restore option on the Right.
  • Double-click it and start the Application.
  • Close your window and open the gpedit.msc
  • Now set the values of Turn off System Restore and Turn off configuration as Not configured to turn on the System Restore. To turn it off, Enable the option,
  • Now Restart your computer.
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